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While I was in the process of finding a job for after graduation, I found that everything that every professional and professor had ever told me came in handy. One of the most significant pieces of advice was: after you submit your résumé and cover letter, be sure to call and follow-up.

I had sent out a handful of applications to work on the Hill on a Thursday. On Monday morning, I called each of the offices. These call backs resulted in three phone interviews. The truth of the matter was that the “intern” position had already been filled in each office (thanks to the semester schools for snagging those early); however, once I reminded them of my PR background and my willingness to help out in any area of the office including doing press work, they reconsidered. It’s important to remember to be your own advocate. Have the confidence that you can be an asset to the office and communicate that clearly.

This past weekend, my old roommate and I had a skype date. Her husband has been looking for a new job now for a while. He applied for a wonderful job and went over a week without hearing anything. She asked me if I thought he should call and follow-up. YES!! Yesterday morning while walking to class, she texted me that he’d called and gotten an interview. The point of this post isn’t to say that I’m right. It’s simply to say that there are things you can do to help yourself in a job hunt. These things aren’t revolutionary, but when applied in reality, can reap some fantastic results.