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Let me begin by apologizing for the language in the photo of this blog. I’d like to clarify that I myself am rarely (if ever) a person who swears; however, I found it appropriate considering the topic. The reality is that many of us say this (whether out loud, or under our breath) when we hit the “enter” button and then suddenly cannot select “delete tweet” button fast enough.

We’ve all made mistakes, but what’s important is to learn from them. I have personally changed my ways and committed to reading each tweet before I hit “enter.” It only takes five extra seconds and it can save you a lot of grief and embarrassment.

My mother always says that it’s important to “remember who you are and who you represent.” When it comes to social media, let us not forget this principle. You represent your employer, your school, your family and yourself.

Social media is instant and it’s fast, but that doesn’t mean that we should throw all of our judgment and discernment out the window as we tweet away. This is serious and deserves a great deal of consideration.  Before you hit “enter,” think before you tweet.