Just finished the most amazing dinner rooftop overlooking the White House. I love DC.

My day began on the Metro. Getting used to the humidity is going to take some time. I got all dolled up for work and melted before I even got there. Thankfully, I got there early and had time to get lost and eventually find the office. Let me just say that the building in and of itself is stunning.

I met my supervisor and toured the office while meeting my colleagues. In typical Oregon fashion, everyone I met was warm, down to earth and welcoming. I ended up at my desk and began my first task. After completing it, I headed to lunch with some interns and got to know everyone a bit better. While eating some fresh sushi I listened in as the discussion rose. While eating lunch we discussed: Nancy Pelosi, medicinal marijuana, Glenn Beck, Mexico, illegal immigration, Sarah Palin, Canada, just to name a few topics. We debated like a debate team. Each topic was brought to the table and then the battle began. It’s such fun to converse about current and important topics over lunch. I could really get used to this.

This afternoon I got to know my office and the surrounding Capitol complex area. It’s so inspiring to see this awe-inspiring place and think that I work here. I feel so immensely grateful, humbled and overwhelmed.

I can’t have imagined a better first day. I love my colleagues, my work and the building is (pardon my french) totally bitchin’.

My office building. I know, it's unreal.