Dad and me at the UO vs. Stanford game this last Saturday.

I love Duck football. If you know me, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. I also love communications. So naturally, when there is a conflict between the two, it irritates me. Last November, I blogged a rant regarding Supwitchugirl‘s “I love my Ducks” video and the University of Oregon Athletic Department‘s ridiculous response. In short, the group produced a video about its passionate love for the University of Oregon Duck’s football team for a class project. The video had over 800,000 hits on YouTube.

So what was the AD’s problem? The group used the school mascot, The Duck, without permission. The Duck is the only college mascot in the country that is an official Disney mascot. Eons ago, Walt Disney himself had an agreement with the UO and gave rights to the university. In other words, The Duck is highly protected. The fact of the matter remains that the group did a wonderful job on the video and communicated the Duck Nation message so effectively it infused every viewer with Duck Fever!! The video clearly was effective communication. Why the AD couldn’t leverage this free promotion and even hire these guys as communications inters was beyond me. Instead they were threatened and the AD took the video off YouTube for a period of time. Way to rain on a parade! Shesh!

I am happy to report that the AD has finally come to its senses and essentially handed the group the keys to Autzen for its newest video. I am so pleased to not only see the new video, but to also see how much the AD made accessible. With the Ducks doing so well this season and gaining national exposure, such as the New York Times article posted last week, strong communication from the UO’s AD is vital.

First of all, the new video is in a word-epic. The video quality has vastly improved, rockin’ new lyrics and some clear throw ins from the AD including The Duck, Autzen and cheerleaders. I love the video and I hope that the video will continue to be shared nationwide. Someone is actually effectively communicating with a target audience. It’s not like that happens everyday. This video makes me countdown to the next game, want to buy more merchandise and have “Go Ducks” continually as my Facebook status. You can’t buy this sort of love, devotion and promotion. Getting an entire population stoked on a brand is no easy task.

See it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments section below.