It’s Friday,
which can only mean one thing…


Fill in the Blank Friday!
Let’s play!

{Erin Nicole Photography via weheartit}

1. I wish For a Lilly Pulitzer store to open in Portland. But then again, I’d go broke.

2. Yesterday I Got stuck behind a train and was subsequently 20 minutes late for work (felt mortified, thankfully I was forgiven), worked, spent an hour in traffic to get home, watched 30 Rock and ate a Saint Cupcake.

3. Today I will Work, spend the evening with dear family friends at a dinner party.

4. Tomorrow I will Get my hair done, have lunch with a friend and attend my company’s Christmas Party.

5. Maybe I will be lucky enough to find a deep red cardigan tomorrow at H&M to pair with my party dress for Saturday.

6. Someday I hope to live in the city and never use my car again (except to go to Costco.)

7. I love Oregon Football, West Wing marathons and white peppermint mochas.


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What are your weekend plans?