1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is !!!!!! I’m enthusiastic. What can I say?

2. Today I am thankful for my parents. They are amazing.

3. My best friend is Victoria. We’ve been BFFs since we were four years old. Other than my parents, she knows be better than anyone.

4. A quirky thing about me is I check my alarm at least three times before going to sleep each night. I also set two alarms, my phone and my regular alarm clock. Why? My greatest fear is that someone will think I’m irresponsible. Being late/saying, “My alarm didn’t go off”=irresponsibility.

5. This weekend I will be resting as I’ve been under the weather lately.

6. Something that worries me is what my future will hold. Will I get married? Will I have children? Where will my career take me? Where will I live?

7. On my night stand you would find My Bible, my alarm clock, a flower in a vase, my new book The Help and a cup of tea.

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