Sadly still under the weather and subsequently behind on everything not work related. Hence “Fill in the blank Friday” is being posted today. Oppsie. I hope you’ll still link up with Lauren and play along. Here we go…

1. My most prized possession is my pearl necklace that my Dad brought back for me on one of his business trips to Japan. They are pink pearls and I absolutely love them and the sweet thoughtfulness behind them.

2. If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be five years old. I had the most glorious childhood. My days were spent playing with Barbies, going to the zoo, learning in kindergarten, finger painting, swinging at the park and riding my bike. Seriously don’t know how life could get better than that.

3. The best way to spend a weekend is relaxing with friends and family. I love: sleeping till I am done, going for neighborhood walks, riding bikes into Portland through Sellwood, walking through the PDX Farmer’s Market and munching on yummies and cooking big meals to enjoy with friends.

4. My outlook on life is to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

5. If you want to annoy me, just be completely ignorant about the world around you.

6. I am completely defenseless when it comes to The West Wing. Yes, the TV show from the 90s. Ask me, I will never turn you down. My family owns every show from every season. Additionally, I follow my favorite cast members now on Twitter. In my “suggested to follow” section on my Twitter homepage, ALL of the suggested people are fictional characters from the show. 100 percent. The amount of hours spent on this addiction is embarrassing. I love it and cannot get enough of it. I will follow Lauren’s lead and confess-Hello, my name is Kristina and I am addicted to The West Wing.

7. When dressing for the day one should dress how you want to be treated and received by the world. The way you dress is all apart of how you present yourself and how people receive you.

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend.