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Imagine a place where all the men have jobs, or are at least working hard to find one. They wear suits and shower every day. It is a land where chivalry is not dead, but rather is the norm. Women bakes pies and football is a religion. When you are invited to a social gathering, you RSVP, dress up and arrive on time. People know both their senators and state representatives by name. Afternoons are spent sipping sweet tea in porch rocking chairs and when the sun goes down, fireflies dance in the sticky night air. Weekends are spent with the family, all in matching polos on the family sailboat. When people walk down the street, they walk on a mission. They are going somewhere. Welcome to Washington, D.C.

I love Oregon and the whole west coast for that matter. I really do. I love our obsession with organic veggies, recycling, weekend hiking, world-class mirco brews and awe-inspiring mountain ranges. But there comes a point where the whole Birkenstock wearing, optional showering and shaving (no gender difference there), facial piercings, fixed gear bike riding and a complete lack of manners thing drives me crazy. When you meet someone, you should call them Mr., Mrs. or Miss. When you eat, use a napkin and by all means, close your mouth when you’re chewing. When attending a show like a a theater performance, do not under any circumstance wear jeans or sweatshirts. After attending a social event, write the host a thank you card, a HANDWRITTEN thank you card. Going to a wedding? Men, that means a suit jacket, tie and shoes (closed-toed shoes, not sandals). Ladies, shave your legs, put on a dress and wear heels. Why this is so difficult, I really don’t know. There are very simple, basic things that we can all do.

One of the largest ingredients in a culture is fashion and style. They way people dress, the way they decorate or speak to one another all contributes to a society’s culture. When I think of east coast culture of this of class and elegance. I think of Jackie Kennedy. To me, she embodies east coast culture. For better or for worse, right or wrong, the truth is that the way you dress and the way you present yourself is important for how others view you. Now don’t go thinking I’m all superficial. I’m not saying appearance is everything, but I am saying that it contributes to first impressions which have a huge impact in how someone receives you. After someone meets you and they get to know you, it will be your true inner self that will make the friendship last or not. As the delightful Emily Post once said,

“‎Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” -Mark Twain

Cute classy and modest clothing can be difficult to find on this side of the country.

Here are some items my inner east coast self is pining for:

Vinard Vines Preppy Plaid Spencer Shirt. I'm in love with the shorts too.

Perfect for carrying items necessary for a sailing day trip.

Vinyard Vines Rope Tote

Vinyard Vines Floppy Hat with Grommets

Lilly Pulitzer Kiera Coat

Love. Love. Love.

Lilly Pulitzer Roslyn Skirt-Printed

Can you seriously vacation without this?

Lilly Pulizer Foxi One Piece Swimsuit

Naturally I would wear this with the hat pictured above to the Carolina Cup. Now if I could only find me a man in a suit with a job…in Portland.

Lilly Pulizer Eryn Dress Stripe

Lilly Pulitzer Set In Stone Sandal

Kate Spade crystal corsage lever-back earrings

Martha Stewart Peony Thank You Notes

But alas, I am in Oregon and for now, and that is fine by me. Driving to work with views of Mt. Hood isn’t so rough and besides there’s only 153 days till the Oregon football opener.

Reminder: Life is not about coveting material items, but I appreciate pretty things and seriously girls…everything in moderation.