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Today is my best friend, Victoria’s birthday and today I honor her. We met at age three and are still the best of friends. I am grateful for her and her friendship. Aside from my parents, nobody knows me as well as Tori does. She has the sweetest spirit with the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in a person.

As is common with childhood friends, we’ve grown into two very different women, yet we remain friends. We are committed to the friendship and agree to never let anything get between us. As an only child, I always remember praying for a sister. I now realize I always had one. It is Victoria.

Victoria is a remarkable communicator. She is the one I call when I’m ecstatic, when I’m devastated, when I’m overwhelmed or when I simply just don’t know what to do. Victoria is a remarkable communicator because she excels at listening. This is her gift. She listens better than anyone I know. Because she listens, her response is thoughtful. She has taught me how to listen and continually reminds me of its vitality to healthy communication. Whether its in a friendship or in business, healthy communication principles transcend all scenarios and situations.

Happy Birthday dear friend. Love you!

Summer 2005 in Seattle

Day trip to Annapolis, MD

On the porch of our summer home in Virginia.

In front of The White House summer 2010

Walking along the Mall in DC summer 2010

One love we share, a love of GOOD food. And don't forget the wine!

Riding the DC Metro summer 2010

Goofing around while getting all dolled up for New Year's Eve dinner 2010