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Hello readers! My apologies for my lack of blogging lately. As I explained here, life has been a little rough lately. The medication that I’m taking for my abdominal pain actually causes migraines, so lately, I’ve been having 1-2 a week. If you’ve ever had a migraine before, you’ll understand why looking at a computer screen is completely unbearable when you’re battling one. I’m thankful to be migraine free today and thought I’d share some of the fun I had this weekend in between the pain.

While we typically go to Seattle to spend the 4th with our dear friends The Barrett Family, my health prevented such a trip this year. Even though we were home, we soaked up some sun, enjoyed time with our wonderful neighbors and ate some delicious food.

First trip out in weeks to downtown LO with neighbor Tino for frozen yogurt

Cool citrus refreshment enjoyed during a game of rummy with Mom

4th of July dinner: homemade sweet tea, hot dogs (served Danish style) and arugula salad with marcona almonds, honey dressing and pecorino cheese

Fireworks enjoyed from the comfort of our car at Willamette Park

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!