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Pretty heavy weekend remembering 9/11.

President Obama, former President Bush and their wives near one of the memorial's fountains. (Photo from NYTimes)

It’s strange to think that I was 13 when this happened. I was entering 8th grade. As a family, we had just moved home from living in Norway for the summer. We moved into our new place in Portland and were taking a few days to unpack/de-jetlag ourselves. I remember the phone ringing early in the morning. It was my Dad calling from work. My mom came and told me to wake up and that we needed to turn on the TV immediately. I remember seeing the towers hit, then watching them fall. I just remember feeling so much sadness that I physically didn’t know how to handle it. I was right at the age when you’re old enough to understand adult things and are really not a “child” anymore.

Looking back I am so grateful that I was scheduled to start school a few days late. So grateful I was home with my mom to process and pray through the day and not at school, alone, confused and afraid. Seems like I was 13 forever ago, but 9/11 feels like it was just yesterday.

Last night my family and I watched several TV specials remembering the victims, the families and the first responders. The heroism of everyday Americans that day is overwhelming. They went directly into a dangerous situation for the safety of their fellow Americans.

I am SO grateful to live in America and don’t ever want to take my freedom for granted. I pray for the families left behind and that we as a nation will rekindle the unity we once had.

This wonderful video played during the CBS special I watched. Didn’t realize it was an ad till the end. Very tastefully done.

I absolutely LOVE the memorial that was decided upon for Ground Zero. So honoring.

One of the two reflecing pools mark the footprint of the fallen tower. (Photo from NYTimes)

How did you remember or pay tribute to 9/11 this weekend?