I’ve got high hopes for 2012. See ya later 2011!!!

It can only go up from here, right? I don’t normally make resolutions for the new year (in fact I never have), but considering what 2011 brought on, I’ve had a change of heart.

My 10 Resolutions for 2012
1. I will work to live, rather than live to work.
2. I will prioritize my health and cherish the times when I’m in good health.
3. I will go on more adventures during weekends.
4. I will use this blog as an excuse to write more.
5. I will practice my cello more regularly (and sign-up for lessons again).
6. I will be more intentional about reaching out to those in my community who are sick or in need.
7. I will be more patient.
8. I will focus on the positive relationships in my life and let go of the unhealthy ones.
9. I will learn to be content with the season of life I’m in, instead of busying myself with planning for the future.
10. I will look for opportunities to serve those around me.

Do you make resolutions? Why or why not? If so, I’d love to hear some of yours. Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers.