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Blogs and Resumes: College Prepster blogger Carly recently attended the Social Learning Summit at American University, where she served on a panel and also learned a few tricks. As a graduating senior this spring, she’s got job hunting on the mind and learned some interesting ways to market yourself in 2012. You can find the blog here.

3 Reasons to Master the Art of Storytelling: Regardless of how technology continues to change, we are still caught up in storytelling. When you see a funny YouTube video, you tell your friend, or you discuss what happened last night on Downton Abbey with your co-worker. Inc.com shared an interesting article this week on the everlasting power of storytelling and how it can and should affect how we communicate both professionally and personally. You can find the article here.

What Rick Santorum Wrought: New York Times political blogger, Charles Blow, shares his perspective on Santorum’s departure from the Presidential race and what it means for the Republican brand. You can find the article here.

Zuckerberg says Instagram won’t change. I want to believe him: On Monday, Facebook announced that it acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Just as quickly as the announcement was made, suspicions of the possible changes arose. PR Week blogger, Brittaney Kiefer, weighs in on her opinion. You can find the article here.

How Retailers Can Build Pinterest in Their Brands: I for one am addicted to Pinterest. Last night while picking out my outfit for a night at Cirque du Soleil with the girls, I came across a pair of red jeans in the back of my closet. I love the jeans, but I’ve been unsure of how to style them. So, I naturally turned to Pinterest, searched “red jeans,” and found the following outfit inspiration:

Source: bit.ly via Kristina on Pinterest

I’m one of 10.4 million people who love this site and turn to it for inspiration. Steven Kramer, from Marketing Profs Daily Fix, shares how Pinterest provides an incredible opportunity for marketers. You can find the blog here.

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