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We are home a week early from our family trip to Maui. Why? Well, daily migraines and a trip to the ER to learn I have a bleeding stomach ulcer were the main reasons. Such a disappointment. Also, had to cut a lot of things out of my diet this last week including alcohol, which meant no piña coladas. Major bummer. We finally get to go away on vacation and then this happens. What else could possibly go wrong this year?!

Thankfully, we had a beautiful room so I could see the ocean from my bed and I got to spend the afternoons on the lanai with beautiful views. By Thursday afternoon, I felt significantly better and Friday was the first full day I was able to actually enjoy Maui. Too bad we left Saturday.

Since we’re home, I’ve decided to get back to work and end my digital vacation. It was nice while it lasted.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the guest posts. They share some wonderful insight into lessons from different friends. There will be one more this Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Meanwhile, here are some pics from the trip (aka pics from Thursday and Friday).

Travel outfit

Read this in bed and on the lanai in the afternoons. SO good. It was a much needed distraction.

The infinity pool only for adults 18 and over, which means no “Marco!” “Polo!” Ahhh…bliss.

Discovered Lilly at a shop next door!! Major surprise. Naturally, I treated my self to a new wallet.

Lilly swimsuit of course.

Sunset dinner

The parents

These plumeria bushes were all around the resort. Best smell ever!

Me and the parents

Needless to say, we’re already planning our redemption trip to Maui. Aloha!