Whew! What a fun weekend! Despite the intermittent sun, it was packed with lovely things.

On Friday it was sunny, so I had lunch with Lauren and Fern at a lovely cafe outside. Fern is growing so quickly and officially has the sweetest smile ever. Melts my heart every time.

Saturday morning, the parents and I went to our local farmer’s market for some peonies, fresh veggies, dinner rolls and kettle corn (my favorite snack).

After that, we got a lot of family errands done and stopped at Dickie Jo‘s for lunch. Yumm! Saturday evening was spent gorging on pulled pork that the father has been smoking all day. I know, we kind of love to eat.

Here at the Rhodes’ house, we take the sabbath VERY seriously. The day typically involves church, a big brunch, naps and then a family walk. Could a day be more perfect? I think not.

On our extra weekend day, Monday, we booked our tickets to D.C. for this summer! My BBF’s older brother is getting hitched and we just couldn’t be more thrilled about these upcoming nuptials. Monday evening, I made strawberry shortcake (with strawberries and blueberries for the holiday of course) and we watched The Descendants. What an incredible movie. Seriously exhausting, but incredible.

Hope you all had a good long weekend. Now, I just need to get all my work done in four days!