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12 of this decade’s most irritating words and phrases: I’m guilty of most of these. A good reminder to think before we speak. The words we say mean something and we should take communication seriously.

New Romney app misspells “America” goes viral: This one is obvious. If you’re running for president of The United States and you misspell the word “America”, you look like an idiot. I only wish I’d seen this in time to download the app myself, not only historical, but a good laugh too.

KEEGAN: The opposite of loneliness.
Maria Keegan, 22, was set to graduate from Yale University two weeks ago. She was killed in a car accident the Saturday before. Here’s her final article for the Yale Daily News. As Carly from The College Prepster said, “It’s a must read.” Her message is poignant and a healthy reminder that life is a short gift.

Ali Wentworth has a daily news and lifestyle video blog, The Daily Shot, that I’ve been loving lately. It’s kind of like The View minus all the yelling. Ali is funny, smart and does a great job sharing her thoughts on the day’s hottest headlines. Also, the occasional cameos from her husband George Stephanopoulos are always entertaining.

Huge Thames Flotilla Salutes Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II: I’m a sucker for royal news. I suppose as a Dane, it’s engrained in me. (Fun Fact: Denmark has the oldest monarchy.) Sunday marked the kick-off of the celebration. Looking forward to continuing coverage on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday and Tuesday morning and the concert on Tuesday evening.

Treading a Fine Line by Teaching Journalism in China: This article gives me a new-found appreciation to have attended journalism school in the US. I commend Mr. Arnett for his courage to educate the next generation of Chinese journalists.

The newest issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine is ready for your reading pleasure. If you’re not familiar with this online magazine, you’re welcome in advance.