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Happy Friday dear readers! Lauren did a remodel on Fill in the Blank Friday and I must say, I like this format better. It is more of a writing prompt than just question and answer. If you want to play along, go link up with Lauren.

Reason #1: I love to write.

Reason #2: To continue to share thoughts and ideas surrounding communications and its professionals.

One of my favorite things about attending journalism school at The University of Oregon was that classes were small and it wasn’t uncommon to take a series of classes with the same group of people, which naturally fostered friendships.

There was a central meeting space where group project would take place, students would print a paper before class and friends would meet to crank out some homework. My friends and fellow classmates would exchange papers asking for a fresh set of editing eyes. We’d swap current event stories, sharing perspectives, imagining what it would be like to be on the PR team behind a crisis or a scandal. This free exchange if ideas from a variety of perspectives on a daily basis was one of the highlights of my four years in college. This school and these people became my community.

As I was learning how to use social media in the classroom, I began fiddling with it on my own time. I found that there were thousands of other PR students across the country who were interested in the same things as I was. There were countless of conversations taking place on Facebook, Twitter and blogs that were just like the ones I was having on the U of O campus, but with social media, I heard the perspective of a student in New York, or Boston.

Blogging provided a way to participate in this conversation on a bigger level. At first, I began blogging about what I was like to be a PR student, what I was learning, hearing in the news, what I found interesting and experiences in internships.

As the school terms rolled on, I became a senior and the pressure of looking for a job after graduation became my focus. But, I wasn’t alone. There were other kids around the country going through the same season and the same process. Hearing about their journey and their success helped me feel like I could make it through too. Social media was teeming with advice and we all began to share answers to our most burning questions. What are employers looking for on an application? Should you include print-outs of recommendation letters? How long should a résumé be? To include an objective in a résumé, or not? Which cities are hiring? We all began to share from our experiences. Blogging also provided a way to continue this conversation after I graduated.

Don’t know why I paid rent anywhere else. I lived at Allen Hall all four years.

Class of 2010. I saw these girls more than my own housemates.

I LOVE what I do. I feel so blessed to have found a profession that I feel takes advantage of my strengths (planning, problem-solving, writing, speaking, etc.) and conveniently leaves out my weaknesses, or weakness (math). Whether it’s personal or professional, all of us communicate and we all see the impact communication can have, be it positive or negative. I believe in the power of effective communication and the impact it can have on a person or an organization.

The purpose of this blog has two parts: To share my journey as a young PR professional and learn from others and to open up a conversation about the importance of effective communication.

One unforeseen benefit of blogging is that it has been a great benefit to me professionally. Knowing how to blog and connect with other bloggers has been immensely helpful with several clients I’ve worked with. In the last three months, my knowledge of blogging has brought me two freelance jobs!

In the couple of years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve been delighted by how many doors it has opened for me. Blogging has also made some wonderful connections for me with people who are outside of my profession. If you have an interest, I can guarantee that someone is blogging about it. That’s the beauty of the blogging world.

If you’ve yet to jump on the blogging bus, I can’t encourage you enough. You have to start somewhere. Just sit down and begin writing. See where that takes you.