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When picking out what you’ll wear to an informational interview, think of what you’d wear on a job interview. You want to be professional, put together and not sloppy. Better to have someone think, “Wow. She takes this seriously.”

Belle from Capitol Hill Style says, “A job interview is not the venue to showcase the latest trends. It is not the place for neon, lace or sparkle. A job interview is the time to play it safe with professional basics that are clean, pressed and tailored. This will minimize any possible distractions and allow you and your skills to shine through.” She shares some other good tips here.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, people tend to take causal to a whole new level, like wearing Toms to work. In my personal opinion, I don’t care if you’re going on an informational interview at a restaurant, ad agency, corporation, humane society, or non-profit, be professional and for goodness sake, dress like it. We all know first impressions are huge. When you arrive at your meeting, the first interaction you’ll have is that someone will see you. What you wear matters.

Here are some of my favorite looks: