The Father and me enjoying a MAJOR Duck win over USC in 2010.

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing man I know. My father is the most amazing father in the whole world. Seriously.

He loves and cares for the Lord and his family above all else. He is an outstanding husband to my mother and a gracious father to me. Since I was born, he’s been taking me on father/daughter dates. When I was little and still in a baby carrier, that didn’t stop him. When He was training for triathlons in San Diego, I rode along in the bike trailer with my cheerios and Barbies. In 2008, we flew to NYC to see the Yankees play in the old Yankee Stadium in the last season before they tore it down. But my favorite ongoing father/daughter date is Duck Football. Already so excited for this fall! Thankful that he makes time to spend with me. From day one he’s made it clear how I deserve to be treated and as a result, I’ve never settled for anything less.

I love my father so very much and am so grateful he’s mine.