The fourth of July is my favorite holiday, well it’s my favorite “fun” holiday.


Here are my top five reasons why I love this holiday:

  • I as a second generation immigrant, I’m incredibly grateful for the privilege of being an American.
  • I love to cook and love to eat. Last night I made pie crust and woke up early this morning to make apple pies. Yumm!
  • As an American, I appreciate my freedom. I appreciate that as a Christian, I can worship freely without fear or violence, imprisonment or persecution. More recently, I’m thankful that I still have health insurance on my parent’s plan. Thank you Mr. President.
  • I LOVE America. I seriously do. So when we have a whole day set aside to celebrate this one thing, I’m all about it. Hang that flag, grill something magical and cheers!
  • Fireworks are the best. Once a year, every community across the country has a firework show. Whether it’s big or small, I love fireworks. Someday when I get married, I think I’d like to have fireworks.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday!