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Sorry ladies, he’s married.

Last week, The Hill came out with it’s annual feature, “The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People.” During my summer in Washington, I became a frequent reader of the publication and when this annual issue came out that July, the office was all abuzz about who did and did not make the list. All in all, I find it to be highly entertaining.

First: Surprise! There are attractive people working in government. This is stunning, because if you ever walk through the Hill, you’ll notice that most people look young, overworked and EXHAUSTED!

Second: It’s incredible what people wear to a photo shoot like the one for this issue. What on earth possessed you to select that outfit? Belle from Capitol Hill Style always has delightful comments on the topic. For more of a laugh, check out her blog archives here and here.

Third: From a professional standpoint, I love the biographies on each person, where they grew up, what led them to work on the Hill, etc. I find people’s professional journeys very interesting.

Check it out and enjoy!