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First and foremost: After months and months of waiting…the wait is over! College football is here and I’m beyond excited to see the Ducks show Arkansas State what’s up tonight! Go Ducks!

Now, onto some great articles I wanted to share:

The Unexpected Networking Event: College Football Game Days
College football and networking?! What could be better? That’s right, nothing. Levo League share tips for how to join my two hobbies.

September Photo-a-Day Challenge
Do you have Instagram? In all honesty, other than Twitter, it’s my favorite social tool. Participating in a daily photo challenge like this is a great way to dive in if you’re a newbie. My username is Krhodey, if you want to follow along!

Edelman unveils ‘Faces of Penn State’ to trustees
Word on the street is that Pen State has hired Edelman to help with rebuilding the school’s reputation after the Sandusky scandal. Here’s the scoop.

Interviewing: Three Tips for Standing Apart From the Crowd
The Mac’s List blog is a great resource for professional development. This post has some great tips for what to do once you’ve landed the interview.

Thank You for Sharing. But Why at the Office?
Remember when your mother told you, “Don’t speak unless your spoken to?” This is still a good rule of thumb when it comes to talking about your personal life in the workplace.

A Summer Staple Sticks Around

And now for a little fashion news…white pants after labor day. I always thought it was a no way, but according to the pros, it’s a go! This is rocking my world a little bit.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic Return to Chicago with “Dream” Baby Edward Duke
Some wonderful news this week from one of my favorite celeb couples. The Rancics welcomed their sweet baby boy this week. Great reminder that there can be a blessing after years of suffering. SO happy for them. Now, I’m looking forward to some pics!