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Although 2012 was a rough year in many ways, I’d like to instead focus on seven sweet things:

1. In many ways my family’s trip to Maui last spring was a nightmare. However in the couple occasions where I left my room, it was so beautiful outside. LOVE Hawaii. Need a redemption trip.


2. In July, the parents and I flew to D.C. to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend Andrew to his beautiful bride, Alicia. It was a magical week of love, food, laughter…

Me, the bride, the groom and the parents

Me, the bride, the groom and the parents

…and dancing. LOTS of dancing.

Me and The Bestie

Me and The Bestie

3. When I wasn’t working on freelance projects at home this past summer, I was at the community swim park catching some sun in my Lilly with friends. Think Slurpees, diving boards and ping pong tables. Total small town Americana. It’s a little slice out of Pleasantville and I love it. IMG_0203

4.  Dad and I miraculously made it to a Duck home game in September in our season seats. Even though it was only Arkansas State, it was still just as thrilling to sing the fight song and watch the Ducks run out of the tunnel. I LOVE MY DUCKS! IMG_08095. In October, my dear friend (and college roommate) Mary-Anne gave birth to a sweet baby boy, Rowan David Musick. He is an absolute angel in every way and I simply adore him. Suddenly friends are having babies! When did we all grow up so fast?! Nothing is sweeter than a newborn baby.

Sweet baby Rowan

Sweet baby Rowan

5. Going to see The Nutcracker with the parents in December was just as wonderful as ever. It’s sort of a beauty overload. There are beautiful costumes, music and dancing. It’s an annual family tradition and this year we topped off the night at one of our favorite places, Urban Farmer, for dessert (where this photo was taken, obviously we had a little too much sugar.)

IMG_1185I also enjoyed wearing this new dress. Love bows.


6. There is nothing like a Danish Christmas. My neighbor is actually Danish also and has an annual “Day After Christmas Party,” where she lights more than eighty candles on her tree. It’s gorgeous. We would do this at our house, but the father would never allow it, for obvious fire hazardous reasons.


7. For New Years, the family and I headed north to visit The Bestie and her family in Seattle. It was a perfect week filled with cooking, baking, reading by the fire, talking, sharing, watching the Ducks win the Fiesta Bowl and walking along the beach. Oh, and eating macrons…of course. IMG_1363

Hope you all had a lovely New Years and are kicking off 2013 in style.