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For as long as I can remember, my favorite flower has been gerber daisies (above). In high school, I had fake ones in vases around my room. Whenever a birthday came around, or I was sick, family and friends gave me gerber daisies.

Over the past couple years, my love for them has slowly diminished.

They don’t last very long and after three days or so, they literally fall over. The only remedy is to place the stem in a green plastic straw, but I think that looks hokey pokey.

I could go on.

Enter my new favorite flower.


Two summers ago, a family friend visited and brought me some hydrangeas, freshly cut from her garden. They were stunning. They were blue, but not just a simple blue, many different variations of blue in a single bloom.

Last summer, some friends of mine were married in D.C. My friend Alicia, the bride, chose to incorporate hydrangeas in many aspects of the wedding including the reception as this is her favorite flower. She particularly loves the white flowers. They were so beautiful. So simply elegant.

I’ve recently gotten in the habit of going up to my local florist and just buying a single branch for my bedside table.

Flowers make me happy and I’m a big believer in buying yourself flowers.

Has your favorite flower changed over the years?

Do you buy yourself flowers?