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Tomorrow I get to cross something off my bucket list: I will meet Ann Curry.

She is the legit real deal journalism BOSS (as I’ve mentioned before.) I admire her immensely both professionally and personally.

Image from The Oregonian

Image from The Oregonian

I know. A little bit of freaking out right here, right now. OK, maybe a lot.

I may or may not have agonized over what to wear. It’s a teal wool pencil skirt and navy polka dot blouse with a pink bauble necklace, just in case you’re wondering.

All of this is happening because I’m a Duck and so is Curry. Tomorrow, Curry will be speaking to The University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. I was very luck to receive one of only 200 tickets. Win!

Now I just need to come up with a mind-blowing, WOW, super-impressive question to ask her should the opportunity arise. What if I actually got to meet her at the reception afterwards?

Goodness, I haven’t thought that far ahead, but I need to.

Must think of something amazing to say. Sigh.

Goal: Snap a pic with her at the event. Fingers crossed. And toes.

Have you ever met your professional idol?

What did you say?

What did you ask?