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IMG_0900Why is it that some of the traits of being a successful PR pro are also the same ones that can get you into trouble in your personal life? Gah. Let’s take a look at the top 10 traits that are necessary for success in PR and see how they translate in your personal life.

1. Be Flexible: This is a struggle for me personally because I tend to have my eye so steadfastly on the prize, that I miss out on other opportunities. Take the blinders off. Be open. This is one that is important for both personal and professional life.

2. Get the Big Story: Stepping back and gaining perspective is incredible important in every area. Sometimes I will have a personal situation that seems so life and death to me, but when I think of it in the grand scheme of my life, I realize I should just let it go.

3. Be Profitable: Nuff said.

4. Take Notes: Can we talk about my love of office supplies for a moment? Seriously. I have a problem. Last week my BFF was in town and needed to go to Office Depot for a quick errand and she struggled to get me to leave. Did you know they now make red pens that erase? Amazing. Having a color coordinated to-do list makes my life complete. All these things and more contributed to my love of taking notes in college. Thankfully, I’m now in a profession in which taking good, thorough notes it vital. Win!

5. Don’t Argue: OK, I see why this is critical in your professional life, but seriously, I’m not saying I argue about everything, but if you just accepted what everyone ever told you your life would stink. I’m not advocating that you argue, more standing up for what you know you deserve. I have definitely experienced the importance of this within the healthcare system in the last couple years. I had a doctor tell me last year that I would have daily migraines for the rest of my life and that I should accept this and go to group therapy to deal with it. There was no way I was accepting this and it’s a good thing I didn’t because I sought a different provider who’s already gotten it down to one migraine a week. Baby steps people.

6. Worry: This one is the WORST. While a good worrier is successful in PR, it makes for a terribly unsuccessful person. I’m a terrific worrier and because of this, I’ve been successful in PR. However, it can be difficult to compartmentalize this habit. In fact near impossible at times.

7. Do a Survey: I immediately think of informational interviews with this one. If you want to know about something, get out there and talk to people. Simple enough and it’s also important when needing to gauge response or feedback in PR.

8. Be a Self-Starter: This one’s a win all around.

9. Merchandise the Clippings: Take time to file and remember your accomplishments.

10. Remember, This is a Service Business: It’s not all about you. Amen.

What do you think? Do you find it difficult to compartmentalize professional and personal traits? Do you need to?