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As Oregonians, we live in such a beautiful place. Sometimes I take it for granted. We have mountains, rivers , streams, oceans and crisp clean air.

I recently went out to a tulip festival with a friend and her children. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that when life seems overwhelming and out of control, it’s best to hang out with a couple toddlers. We walked along the side of the field of brilliant colors. My friend’s two-year-old daughter grabbed my hand and before I knew it we were skipping through the tulips, our hands the bridge from one row to the next. The colors streamed by and suddenly we were standing in the center of the field.

It was stunning.

The way children see life is so pure. They aren’t concerned about the future or if they look silly when they dance in public.

Spending time with children is grounding. It refocuses me and reminds me that what I often think is monumental is in fact trivial.

The weather forecast for the NW is perfection. So, get out there and walk along a lake, smell a flower or dance loud and proud in your car on your way home from work.