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We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Almost two and a half years ago, this whole ordeal began: pain, doctors, tests, questions, tests, confusion, pain, tears, loss, devastation and more pain.

At the beginning of this road was abdominal pain. The stress of being in a new job and struggling with undiagnosed abdominal pain brought on migraines, terrible migraines. While the abdominal pain was resolved last year, the migraines have stuck around. In the last couple months ninety percent of my life has become consumed with head pain. I’ve seen all of the specialists in the state of Oregon and it has come to a point where I need to go out of state to see the best of the best.

This season has been a terribly long road, but I am doing my best to remain hopeful that this next step will provide some answers and some relief.

Forgive me for my absence here on this blog. I hope that once I return, in better health, I’ll be able to contribute the way it deserves.

Thank you, dear readers for your support and care.

I hope to be back soon.