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I’ve received some new treatment for my migraines.

I am already feeling much better and am immensely grateful to finally feel hopeful.


After spending two weeks in the hospital in treatment (you can see above just how happy I was to get out), I have a whole new appreciation for the little things in life. Such as…

1. Seeing my main man (Mary-Anne‘s son Rowan) crawl like a boss and already eager to practice walking. So proud of him.

2. Feeling the grass between my toes.

photo3. Eating local organic, home-cooked food outside, at a table with a knife and fork.

photo4. Neighborhood walks around the beautiful lake we live by.

5. Seeing hydrangeas, my favorite flower, growing in abundance in my neighborhood.

2photo6. Outdoor picnics with friends. 4photo7. Seeing friends in real life, not on Face Time.

8. Lake days with friends. Yes, I know I jump like a fool. No, I was not trying to sit on an imaginary horse. Embarrassing myself comes naturally.

photo9. Sleeping in my own bed with my amazing fluffy duvet.

10. Drinking crisp, clean tap water. We are spoiled with the most refreshing water here in Oregon.

11. The smell of pine trees.

12. A homemade latte every morning, right in my own kitchen. Happiness.