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  • Vent Lists. We all have them. Here’s a funny one from PR Daily compiling the 13 Annoying Communication Habits That Must End. I like that last part. Read, take note and end it folks.
  • I’ve mentioned it before, but seriously, if you are a young professional you need to sign-up for Levo League. Tuesday’s office hours were with Kelly Williams Brown. She is a young professional here in PDX and shared some super valuable tips, including my favorite tip-informational interviews! Office hours are daily and feature professionals from all over the country. It’s a great thing to listen to while working on something tedious like a media list.
  • I was initially a little uneasy about turning 25, (quarter-of-a-century), however I have to say, not only am I settling into it, I’m loving it. Who I am now compared to who I was five years ago? That was an entirely different girl there. Now that I’m halfway through my twenties, I found this article from Relevant to be particularly on point. In short: Stop freaking out and take a deep breath. You’re not the only one who doesn’t have it all together.
  • Need to spruce up your office space? I’m loving this DIY idea from Miss LC. If my coworkers are reading this, watch-out, I might be implementing this over in my space soon.
  • When looking for a new job, the whole process has a way of sucking all the energy out of you. So when you do land an interview, how do you set yourself apart? This blog from Prichard Communications spells it out plain and simple.
  • Not that I’m suggesting you quit your job, but if you need to, here’s one rock-star way to go about it…