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One day last week I had perfect hair. It lasted three glorious hours. It was amazing. Don’t expect it to happen for at least another six months. Le sigh.

IMG_2655Feeling pretty legit at my new job, which I mention not for the sake of pride, but with each sign like the one below, I’m reminded that I’m no longer in bed and in pain.


The boyfriend celebrated his sixth birthday complete with balloons, a pinata, rock-climbing, ring pops and lots of kisses. Love this kid.

IMG_2704The boyfriend’s little sis was spotted in the most adorbs shoes. Where can I find them in my size?!

IMG_2698My friend Morris met me for lunch and handed me a signed copy of his book. I couldn’t be more thrilled. After years of ups and downs looking for a publisher, he chose to self-publish and I’m confident that it’s only a matter of months before all those publishers start fighting over this book. It’s a topic that’s rarely if ever discussed and needs to be at the forefront of every leader’s mind. Soul care. Do you have a soul friend? You can pick-up a copy here.

IMG_2716My favorite little Duck celebrated his first birthday! It was a lovely celebration with family and friends and lots of love. It’s an amazing thing to witness your friend go from college roommate, to wife and now mother. She and her husband are doing an amazing job with this little guy. I can already tell he has the sweetest spirit.

Here we are together, with him wearing his gift from me. GO DUCKS!


Photo by Kaela Lee

Photo by Kaela Lee

Lovin’ the beautiful fall colors that have already begun making their appearance. Makes me want to take more neighborhood walks. Oregon is lovely.

IMG_2826What lovely things have you witnessed or seen lately?