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Image from Hello Petersen

Image from Hello Petersen

The last several weeks at work have been a whirlwind. Last week, the president of the university I work for announced that his cancer has spread and that instead of resigning at the end of the school year as planned, he would be resigning at the end of the month. Not only was this incredibly heartbreaking personally, but it stretched me professionally. I had to learn to separate my emotions from my work and focus on the tasks at hand. I had never dealt with an announcement of this nature. With coworkers crying around me, I handled the necessary media relations surrounding the announcement of a beloved community figure. I organized a radio interview, prepared the university’s provost for the interview and did A LOT of running around.

Then there was the announcement of the interim president and the flurry of news surrounding that. Additionally, there was the planning of a celebration dinner to honor the president. Today I spent the afternoon and early evening at a radio station where one of our professors was guest-hosting a show featuring more than 20 guests, including other professors. In the middle of all that I had two migraines and got sick with a miserable cold.

While it’s been a little crazy, it’s actually been great. As I sit here reflecting on everything, I’m so thankful it’s Friday and that I have a whole bottle of NyQuil waiting for me on my bathroom counter. Haha!

The truth is, I love my profession. I love PR. I love the crazy. I love that it’s unpredictable. While some days involve tackling those back burner projects, most days, things fall on my desk and off I go! It’s so much fun and so rewarding.

PR is unpredictable. It’s thrilling and it’s always a little bit of everything I’ve ever learned thrown together.

One of the most wonderful aspects of my new job is that I’m gaining so much direct experience. Instead of always being given specific tasks (there’s still a little bit of that) I’m often presented with a situation or a problem and it’s up to me to strategize about how to solve it and execute the plan.

This job has given me an opportunity to take a big step in my career. I’m responsible for more than I ever have been before. Sometimes it’s a little scary, but then I just remind myself that I have all the experience and training necessary for me to succeed.

On top of all that, I basically won the boss lottery. I’m getting all this crazy experience and it’s all because I have the most amazing boss who’s totally OK with my unpredictable migraines. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more wonderful scenario.

I’m so humbly grateful. So, so grateful.

I often pause in the middle of the day and it hits me, “I work here. That is SO cool.”

Oh and did I mention I was invited to teach a career class on “The use of social media in the job-hunt,” this last week? You guys, I taught a college class. It was weird…and awesome.

So much growing up happening with me right now and I’m kid of loving it.