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Wow. What a year it has been. While there certainly some lows (I’m looking at you, two weeks in the hospital for migraines), there were a LOT of highs.

Here are some from my Instagram feed.

In 2013, I…

Celebrated my 25th birthday with a lovely party at my house and then brunch with family the next day at my all time favorite restaurant.

photo sWent to a UO Alumni event to hear my favorite Duck speak. She so legit it’s ridiculous. Afterward at the meet & greet I was this close to her. True story.

photo qBecame friends with this amazing lady.

photo oReconnected with a childhood friend.

photo 2Enjoyed the next espresso machine the parents purchased. I may never move out.

photo aHad an evening out on the town with my sweet Grandma Lee.

photo rHad the loveliest day on the lake when the Bestie came to town.

photo kFreaked out when this happened.

photo jMelted when this little man came over and said, “Kristina, can we be friends forever?”

photo 1Enjoyed the beauty of the Pacific Northwest up in Washington to visit the Bestie’s family house on the water.

photo iHad some fun in the sun at the pool with this sweet girl.

photo 4Watched in amazement as this little man learned to walk.

photo lLearned how to make baklava from my Bulgarian neighbor. So easy and sooooo yummy.

photo fLanded an amazing new job after a long season of illness. So naturally…

photo g…I celebrated with the parents by going out to dinner at my favorite place and ordering the world’s best chocolate cake.

photo hGot a kick out of giving this little man a balloon on his first birthday. LOVE this kid so much.

photo 3Learned how to make cinnamon rolls.

photo 5Dressed-up and went trick-or-treating with these two love-bugs. (I was an Oregon Duck fairy, naturally.)

photo bHad the greatest time cheering on the Ducks at Autzen with my college Roomie.

photo cChose bows over warmth on the first snow day. Properly prioritizing, per usual.

photo eDiscovered the amazingness of bun bows.

photo d

Happy New Year dear readers!