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This afternoon I arrived in San Diego, registered for Social Media Marketing World and settled into my room. Had lunch down by the water and even sneaked in a cat nap. Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for the evening’s event: A networking dinner aboard an aircraft carrier, The USS Midway, in San Diego Harbor.

As I was getting ready, it hit me- I’m about to get on an aircraft carrier with more than 2,000 strangers.

Freaking out moment

Freaking out moment


Then I started sweating, second-guessing my outfit and calling my friend Mary-Anne in a panic for a pep-talk.

After she reassured me, I turned on some T-Swift, put on my favorite lipstick and took a deep breath.

I got this.

I can do this.

One person at a time.

Just say, “Hello.”

Surprise! It was awesome! First, there are quite a few people here who are also on their own and many more who were happy to make a new friend. It was a whole crew of marketers! Why did I expect anything less?! Where there are marketing people, there’s a party.

I made some new friends, toured an aircraft carrier and had a delicious dinner. I’d say it was a success.



Standing on fiberglass looking down into a storage area of the carrier. Eeek! Looooong way down.

Standing on fiberglass looking down into a storage area of the carrier. Eeek! Four to five stories down. Yes, that’s a mannequin down there. They were all over the ship and were around ever corner. A little startling at first.

So excited for tomorrow. I’ve got a whole day full of conference sessions on social media strategy. Can’t wait.

Stay tuned! I’ll be posted each day of the conference (through Friday.)