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Got to bed too late last night, so that made for a bit of a rough start to the morning. Thank goodness for good coffee and lots of it. Shout-out to Social Media Examiner for providing legit coffee. This Portlander thanks you.

Met some lovely women from Annapolis, MD during breakfast. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by people who all think like I do. In my job, I’m the one-woman PR & social media girl. To be surrounded by so much innovation and collaboration is thrilling.

There were a handful of WOW moments today. Here are two:

It started with the keynote address right after breakfast where our speaker, Michael Stelzner talked to us about the importance of podcasts. This is honestly something that hasn’t been on my radar at all. Currently, only six percent of marketers currently podcast. As he made his case for podcasts, he told us that all the major car brands are now designing in Apple CarPlay which will sync with your car with you iPhone. The popularity projection for podcasts is significant over the next 10 years, making now the perfect time to jump in. Since I work in higher-ed, I think this could be something that we could totally do. Excited to see where this goes.

While I attended some incredible sessions today, my favorite by far was “How to Turn Your Employees Into Your Best Social Media Advocates,” by Jay Baer. The wow quote: “Ninety eight-percent of millennials are more likely to engage with a friend’s post than a company’s post,” said Baer. I honestly didn’t even tweet very much during this session because I was taking notes so furiously. (Later I found out the slides are available. Whoops!) This is something I definitely plan on researching more and proposing a plan to my boss. Also, planning on picking up Baer’s book, Youtility.

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Additionally, attending this conference has confirmed something for me.

I’m an introvert.

This may surprise some of you. I’ve just had a lot of practice when it comes to networking and socializing. I’m an only child, so I’ve been in rooms full of adults my whole life.

The key is that I don’t get my energy from people, I get it from being alone. When you’re surrounded by marketers and there is literally not a moment in the schedule for a “break,” it can be a bit much for this introvert. In between each session is a “networking break.” The thing is, I feel like when I network, I need to be ON. I skipped both networking breaks today and it was honestly the best decision. During the first break I networked on Twitter and during the second one, I sneaked in a power nap. Score!

I’ve found it’s important to manage my energy and not overdo it. Which is why dear readers, I’m off to sleep. Time for the ultimate recharge. I’ve been dreaming of my pillow for the last hour.

Tomorrow I’ve got a full day including two informational interviews.