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LOVE baking with this apron from my sweet friend Lynn. Picked-up and brought back for me from her trip to Bruge a few years ago.

In college, I got into a bad habit of being a work-a-holic. My number one most dreaded interview question out of college was, “What are some of your hobbies?” The reality is that I didn’t really have any. I studied, went to work, ate, slept and then repeated.

This is an area that I am still working on.

I’ve always loved to bake. I’m a rule follower, so I prefer baking to the unexpected variations of cooking. I want to know the exact temperature, the exact amount of vanilla and the distinction between cake flour and all-purpose flour. I find a comfort in absolutes. There are so few in this world, that when I can get it, I take it.

It’s also really yummy.

Tonight I made  chocolate chip banana muffins (You can find my go-to recipe here.) I often do this on Sunday nights and freeze them, taking out one when I want in the mornings and warming it in the microwave for 30 seconds. With a latte, this is a breakfast of champions.

Do you like to bake?

I’d love to hear some of your favorite go-to recipes!

Share in the comments below.