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I like watching TV. Go ahead, judge away. I don’t care. Honest.

One of my fave new shows is Covert Affairs. I found it on Amazon Prime and watched all the back seasons. The current season started in July. It’s so addictive!

The show’s main character is Annie Walker who works as an operative in the CIA. In short she is totally everything I wish I could be in an alternative universe.

  1. She’s incredibly brave. She serves her country without abandon. Say the suspect she’s chasing is running below a bridge along a riverbank, Annie would jump into the river. JUMP!
  2. She’s adventurous. Annie will go anywhere at anytime, without question. “We need you on the next flight to Russia,” her boss will say and she is there. Or her boss says, “We need you to intercept a hand-off in the Havana airport.” So goes. Amazing. To just live life without abandon is amazing and admirable. I cannot count the amount of times Annie has been in a situation where I’ve thought, “How on earth is she going to get out of this one?!”
  3. She’s always stylish. Granted, she has a personal stylist on the show, but please, if she’s in Paris, she’s in couture. If she’s in Morocco, she’s adorned with the most colorful scarf, bangles with bells and beaded flats. In the first two seasons, if she was chasing a terrorist, she’d be doing it in Louboutins. This season, she’s been spotted with Stella McCartney bags and in last week’s episode, she stashed some illegal drugs in her Prada bag. How she affords all this on a government salary is completely besides the point. Girl’s got style and she’s saving the world while doing it. Props Annie. Props.
  4. She’s perfectly charming. Notice how I said “perfectly.” It’s not too much, but it’s just enough. It’s enough that it allows her to get away with quite a lot. This asset opens a tremendous amount of doors for her. She’s a smooth talker and she’s able to snake her way in and out of some ridiculously sticky situations.
  5. Her intuition and wit can get her out of any situation. She is crazy smart. Her cover the first three seasons was that she was an employee at the Smithsonian and man did she know everything about pieces in each and every collection at the Smithsonian. Also, she speaks at least five languages fluently.

Confession: When Annie is an a bind, I often think of this song:

What shows do you watch?

I’d love to hear your favorites.