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Sounds like an easy enough assignment, right? The reality is that for many of us, we don’t control our money, our money controls us.

Last fall, I went through Financial Peace University and graduated. It’s genuinely one of the best things I’ve done for myself as an adult. I used to freak out over money, like sweat and say, “I just don’t want to talk about it.” My dad tried to sit down with me and help me create a budget, but just looking at all those numbers in excel and it overwhelmed me and made the anxiety worse. In the end, I didn’t do anything with my money. I had credit card debt that was growing and every month when my paycheck would be deposited into my checking, I’d just spend it until there was no more. The worst part was the guilt. I knew I was behaving childish, but I felt overwhelmed at the thought of where to begin.

My parents had an intervention. No, really. They sat me down and told me that I was welcome to live at home as long as I wanted under one condition: I had to go through Financial Peace University and “learn to manage my money like an adult.”


It was not at all what I expected. It was detailed and it was practical.

I made the decision to hand my credit card over to my parents where I asked them to “hide it somewhere in the house where I’d never find it.”

After ten weeks, I graduated and I can honestly say, I have peace about my finances. I’ve paid off my credit card debt and I’m saving like a boss. I pay cash for everything. I even have an emergency savings account!

My guilt has been replaced by not only peace but pride. I am so proud of how I’ve grown and am excited for where my life will take me and all the doors that will open for me because I am being so responsible with my finances.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking I’ve got it all together. I don’t. I even occasionally slip up and get an email with an overdraft notification on my checking account. The important thing is to get back up and move on. Don’t let those mistakes hold you back.

Now several months in, I’m discovering new things I love about FPU. One of which is Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey’s (FPU founder) daughter. She does some great video blogs and also occasionally breaks down things that are specific for us ladies out there.

Take a look at a recent video blog of hers:

I love this idea of different categories of stores. I felt inspired, so I decided to share mine here!

Three affordable stores that I shop at:

  • Target
  • Old Navy
  • H&M

Three expensive stores that I shop at:

  • Rue La La
  • (Need an invite? Click here.)

  • Nordstrom and Nordstrom RACK
  • JCrew

Her rule of always buying on sale is a must. I do this even at Old Navy. Once you start paying cash for everything you’ll feel so proud of yourself and you won’t even want to go back!

Check out Rachel’s YouTube channel for more great tips. To find where you can take a Financial Peace class in your neighborhood, click here.