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Happy Wednesday, dear readers. Hang in there. It’s almost Friday. Here are some articles that have recently caught my eye.


Get Ready for Generation Z
One of my co-workers shared this with me last week and I must be honest, after reading it, I felt overwhelmed. These kids, born after 1995 and are now 18 or under are literally wired from the crib. So far, they seem to have more of an entrepreneurial drive and care about environmental issue more than any other demographic. Because I work in marketing at a university, it’s my job to understand these kids and to market an education to them. After reading this, I know I’ve got quite the task ahead of me.

What to Wear to Work
The problem with common sense is that it really isn’t so common. What people are wearing to work these days convinces me of one of two things: they live alone without a mirror, or they genuinely have no idea what is or is not appropriate to wear in a professional setting. (To be clear, I’m not just basing this off of what I see where I currently work, but also conferences, workshops and professional association meetings I’ve attended over the years.) This guide from Real Simple is just that-a simple guide to what is and what is not suitable for work. My personal rule: When in doubt, overdress. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You gain a reputation for being the person who always looks put together? Yes please.

Why Are There So Many Women in Public Relations?
I often thought about this in college. Once I advanced from my journalism classes into my PR classes, I noticed at least 70 percent of my classes were made up of women. I suppose at the time I fell into the trap of stereotyping and reasoning that “women are naturally better multitaskers, organizers and communicators.” This article from The Atlantic gives insight into this area with both anecdotes and data. Fun fact: Megan Laney, who is quoted in this story, was one of my college roommates and is a fellow UO journalism and PR grad.

Downton Abbey Cast Responds to ‘Water Bottle-Gate’ Photo Fail
Situation: Official photos of the Downton Abbey Cast were released this week as teasers for next season’s launch. One glitch, the show is set in the early 20th century and someone from the crew left their water bottle on the mantle behind Lady Edith. Opps! The cast responded this week with a creative comeback. What started at a #facepalm situation, turned into a cute and cheeky full-cast photo. Well played PR department, well played.