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Fall is just around the corner and while it’s still quite warm here in Portland, I have to admit that I bought a sweater last week and I am already looking forward to wearing it.


There are a lot of great new looks for fall. I’m halfway through THE September Issue and I’m noticing lots of trends, predominantly animal elements, including fur, snakeskin, leather and big, cozy wool knit sweaters. I’m also seeing that we’re back to borrowing inspiration from the boys (with a little bedazzling of course) as well as the classic combo of black and white.

The reason you’ll only see one look from J.Crew is because as far as I’m concerned, they totally missed the mark this season. When I went through the catalog I was so disappointed. The main themes were “dressing like the boys” and “everyday casual.” Problem is that while this can be done elegantly, they didn’t. It’s sloppy. They had page after page of sweats. You all aren’t helping me out here. I don’t wear sweats to work and I never wear them on the weekends. There’s a lot to love about this season’s new looks. Just so many come from J.Crew this year. Sad face.

Here are a handful of looks that I hope will inspire my 9-to-5 wardrobe this fall.