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When I say in my bio that I am a “recovering work-a-holic,” that’s the complete truth.

It wasn’t something that I always struggled with.

I was raised by an American and a Dane. Growing up I didn’t even think about what it meant to balance things. My mom always created a structure within our family schedule that ensured we were never stretched too thin. Mom would put a cap on weekly activities and she always set Sundays aside as “family only” days. To be honest, I thought that whole idea was crazy and groaned every time my mom wouldn’t allow me to have a friend over on Sundays.

Once I got to college, I was thrown into managing my time and my schedule on my own. Moment of honesty, it all hit the fan. I moved into a house with 45 girls and with our brother house included, we were a community of well over 75 people. There were activities and distractions galore. Then combine that with attending a PAC-12 school and being the big sports fan that I am, I dove into being a Duck fan. No surprise my grades suffered fall term of freshman year.

The further I got into college, the more my schedule became jammed. On top of classes, I worked as an intern for a PR agency all four years. With a crazy schedule, came stress. I managed my stress with exercise. It should come as no surprise that I was totally one of those people who had their homework propped up on the ledge of the exercise machine. I barely slept and somehow I managed.

Then after graduation, when I entered the workforce, it only continued.

A season of chronic illness brought my life to a complete halt. Now, after that long season, I’ve learned the importance of what’s truly important in life. It’s easy to take your health for granted. Especially when you’re young.

Now that I’m back to work, I’ve noticed those old habits creeping back in. Thankfully I have a wonderful family who helps keep me in check. I still find exercise to be a wonderful way to de-stress at the end of a crazy day.

When prAna offered to send me some pieces from their fall line, I was thrilled and picked out two pieces that will be great for rock climbing, running and other exercises. (Side note: I went to their store here in Portland and it is so cool! The design makes you feel like you’re having an adventure experience.)


Olympia Knicker c/o, Meadow Top c/o

I love the design on this top because it’s super airy and keeps you cool while you’re working out. The pants were also super comfy and fit well.

Staying fit is important and although finding time for exercise can be difficult, it’s important. Even if it’s a neighborhood walk after dinner, do it. Walk during your workday. Get out there an move! It’s good for your heart, mind and soul.

It will make you a more productive professional. I promise.

Disclaimer: The items pictured were provided by prAna. That being said, I would never share any products unless I totally loved them. Rest assured.