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Parisian Time Capsule
Picture this. A Parisian apartment untouched since 1939 until 2010 when the owner passed away. The home was left by its owner as she fled Nazi occupation of Paris. She was the granddaughter of the late Parisian socialite and actress Marthe de Florian, so you can imagine how extraordinary her place is. This is something you just have to see.

Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2015
Well, I for one am thrilled to read about #2. When it comes to posting to Google+, I feel like a little kid being told to eat her veggies. I guess it’s probably good for me, but I just don’t want to and I struggle to see the point. As far as the other predictions, I think it’s good news for those of us PR folks out there.

Best Places to Work
Each year, the folks at Glassdoor come out with a list of the best places to work. This list is determined by employee reviews, which means it’s authentic. If you’re not familiar with Glassdoor, I highly recommend it when it comes to researching companies. All reviews are posted by employees and like its title suggests, it provides a window into what it’s really like to work at a given place. So what made certain employers top the list? No surprise it boiled down to: benefits, compensation and company culture.

The New American Apparel CEO is a woman. Thank God.
No really. This is major. As you may know, I’ve boycotted American Apparel for years now because of their blatant exploitation of women. Well, finally justice is being served. I often walk by their shop in my hometown and think, “Ooh! That’s cute. Wait, no. Don’t even think that! Walk away. Walk away.” I’d love to be able to go inside and purchase something with a clean conscience. Maybe I will be able to in the near future. One can only hope.

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Granola Bars
I’m always on the lookout for healthy, yummy snacks. When I saw that Dana posted the recipe for these bars, I knew two things. First, I had to share them all with you all. Second, I had to make them. Both are happening this weekend.

The Unbreakable Laura Hillenbrand
I’ve saved the best for last. Laura Hillenbrand is the incredible author of Seabiscuit and Unbroken. Unbroken is easily one of the top five books I’ve ever read. It had a profound impact on me. It’s about success, suffering, endurance and triumph. Hillenbrand suffers from a chronic illness. I’ve known this and always been curious about her story. Well here it is and let me tell you, it’s remarkable. It is long, so I suggest pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee, grabbing a blanket and diving in. It’s a must read.