Wow. 2014 is wrapping up. What a year it’s been. So many exciting things happened both personally and professionally. Here are my highlights.

1. Snow came in February, which meant several days off from work for me. Also, the snow just makes everything so beautiful, so pretty. I hope we get some snow this year. I feel like I live in Narnia when it snows. So magical.


2. I think I can! I think I can! I overcame my fears and went to my first conference. Going to some of the networking events was a little (really) terrifying, but I jumped in with both feet and ended up having a ball!


3. One of my dear friends is Jessi (with the red boa). We work together and I just love it when co-workers turn into friends. She is a gift to me. We celebrated her 30th birthday this year with a “Roaring 20s” party and it was a wonderful evening.

Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 2.41.39 PM

4. I went and watched my dad blow glass for the first time. In summary: Super dangerous and very impressive.


5. I made a new friend. A good one too.


6. The parents and I took a magical vacation to Hawaii. It was so restful and so beautiful. Take me back! Please and mahalo.


7. My college roomie and her sweet son (to whom I am auntie) came for a summer picnic on the lawn at my work. Love her dearly and so proud of what a wonderful mother she is. Seeing her as a mother makes my heart happy.


8. Celebrated the marriage of a childhood friend meant celebrating with old friends too. Being with people you’ve known your whole life is so lovely. Seeing their dreams come true is the best.


9. Came home from work one day this summer to find my four-year-old little friend playing on her new toy up and down our street. She insisted I join in on the fun. How could I say no?! Love being friends with children. Makes life sweeter (and a whole lot more fun.)


10. Our department at work was moved into an old house which mean that I got a whole room to myself. Which meant one thing, decorating! Had fun with this one.



11. Celebrated one year working at Multnomah University with dinner at Nostrana. Best Portland restaurant. Period.


12. I participated in my first promoted post by prAna here on the blog. It was such a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next one. Definitely a Communication Rhodes milestone.


13. An EPIC season of Duck Football with the father. Can’t wait for the Rose Bowl and then hopefully we’ll be headed (me and the father too) to Dallas for the National Championship. Fingers and toes are crossed!


14. Went to the ballet with these two dear friends. Such a treat.


15. Pitched a story to The Oregonian and it made the front page. (Still doing happy dances about this one.) #cantstopwontstop


16. TSwift moved to New York, rebranded herself and made a new album. It’s still in my car and can’t stop listening to it. If you ever see a crazy fool dancing her heart out during rush hour traffic, that may be me and TSwift is entirely to blame.


17. Attended the Naval commissioning of a dear childhood friend (The Bestie’s little brother.) So incredibly proud of him and know for sure now that our nation has our BEST people in the armed forces.


18. Celebrated at an office Christmas party with a co-worker who has become a cherished friend.


19. Developed an addition to Good and Penty

IMG_369820. Celebrated Christmas, (as always in our house) Danish style, which means we celebrate on Christmas Eve with pork roast for dinner, church service, presents and rice porridge before bed. Yummm! God Jul!


21. My cousin Mimi from Denmark arrived and she’ll be living with us for a whole five weeks!! Wish she could stay forever. Best Christmas present. I was planning on including a picture of the two of us here, but poor thing got super sick once she got here. Good thing she’s here for a while. Here’s a photo of me waiting to greet her at the airport.