Today is my birthday. Well actually, it’s my golden birthday. I’m 27th on the 27th. For golden birthdays, the tradition is to do things in the set of the number of your golden birthday. For instance, if you’re turning 10 on the 10th, you play 10 games, or eat 10 mini cupcakes. Well, the problem is that 27 is a lot of anything! So, I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve made a list of 27 things that I will do in my 27th year.

Ready for the list? Here it is!

  1. Cut more than 5 inches off my hair.
  2. Get a facial.
  3. Make a major life change.
  4. Eat a new type of meat for the first time.
  5. Move out of my parents house.
  6. Host a dinner party by myself.
  7. Read “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World,” by Michael Hyatt.
  8. Read “Millionaire Teacher,” by Andrew Hallam.
  9. Learn how-to become a retirement saving queen.
  10. Go to a Blazer game.
  11. Visit The South.
  12. Eat a crawfish.
  13. Go on a road trip with the Bestie.
  14. Learn to play a song on the ukelele.
  15. Go see The Decemberists in concert.
  16. Start using my commute time in the evenings to listen to a podcast.
  17. Try whiskey.
  18. Take a stranger out for a meal.
  19. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.
  20. Run a 5k.
  21. Meditate at least twice a week.
  22. Wear only dresses for an entire month.
  23. Go on a date with a guy who is not “my type.”
  24. Go to the Oregon Coast.
  25. Go to The Ace Hotel in Portland with a friend and take pictures in their photo booth.
  26. Become more knowledgeable about a historical figure.
  27. Go to a Duck Football away game.

Stay tuned!

As I check each one off my list, I’ll keep you all updated. Here’s to a great year!