*Image from southernpiphi.tumblr.com

*Image from southernpiphi.tumblr.com

Why have I been MIA for the last month? I had a medical procedure the first week of February and the recovery was significantly more extensive than I expected. It was rough. Real rough. I didn’t leave my house for two weeks and I didn’t even think about it. If I wasn’t a clean freak I probably wouldn’t have showered during that time either. All I wanted was my pillow and pain meds.

I’m happy to report that I’m officially back in the land of the living and my does it feel good. I’ve been doing very exciting things. I want you all to know that. Driving, going to work and eating in a restaurant. Big stuff.

While I was cooped up in the house I watched a ton of TV. (Why do all my friends have jobs during the day? Man, you know you’re a grown-up when…) I had to find some way to pass the time. I watched Mad Men, Friends, Downton Abbey, Grantchester, Nashville and The Good Wife. Movies I watched included Baby Mama, Boyhood, Jerry Maguire and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Thank goodness for Netflix and my iPad.

I went back to work this week and although it proved challenging at times, I managed and it felt good to be out in the world doing something for society.

While I realize I’m talking a lot about TV, have you guys started watching House of Cards yet?! I started last night and watched a little this morning. Oh man! I’m super surprised, but I’m loving it. Not where I thought the show would/could go.

The weather here in Portland is so glorious! Feels like it’s spring. While the sunshine is nice and the warm weather is fun, I personally like a good cold winter. Last year this month we had snow! Went for a walk this morning and can admit that the sun felt so good on my face.

Glad to be making progress and even in the last two days, legitimate strides.

Stay tuned to the blog because next week I have a dear friend who will be guest writing and she will be sharing her tips for how to live and work abroad. She has some great insight into this area and I look forward to sharing her thoughts with you.

Happy weekending dear readers!