Kate Spade Charm Heel

Kate Spade Charm Heel

Symbols of hope are different for everyone and different for every circumstance. Contrary to popular culture, my dream job is to someday be a wife and mother. Let me tell you, being single in 2015 is tough!

My parents and I were in Seattle this weekend visiting some family friends and they, like my parents, are in their 50s and they were all remarking on how millennials don’t even know how to properly date. You’re tellin’ me! This old-fashioned girl has not found dating easy.

While in Seattle I did a little shopping at a Kate Spade store (and thoroughly enjoyed the 25% off sale this past weekend!) While in the store, my dad picked up a pair of shoes and said, “These are cute and look like something you’d wear.” “Dad, those are my someday shoes. Those are the shoes I will someday wear under my wedding dress.”

I first saw these shoes several years ago and when I saw them I thought about falling in love, walking down the aisle at my wedding, rocking my children, cooking dinner barefoot in my kitchen and swinging on my front porch swing with my husband.

Yes, I got all that from shoes. What can I say, I’m a dreamer.

I’ve learned in my twenties that life does not always happen the way you think it will. That’s OK by me. I know I’ve got high standards and I’m willing to wait.

Waiting and dreaming…of wearing those shoes.