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Finding the right go-to nail polish can be a struggle and a significant trail and error process. Allow me to save you some time and money. Regardless of where you profession, all of these polishes are work-appropriate and are suitable for your style all year round. #guaranteed


(From left to right: Ballerina Pink by Estee Lauder, Bubble Bath by OPI, Sugar Daddy, Ballet Slippers, Fiji and Good to Go by Essie)

In this list, I’ve included my favorite top coat, Good to Go by Essie. Finish with this and not only will it add shine, it will help your polish to stay chip-free for up to five days.

Now, a word about chips. Don’t have them.

For real.

A true lady keeps up on her personal maintenance. When your polish starts to chip, take it off. If you find yourself with constant chips, you have three options: start washing your dishes with gloves, invest in a better top coat, or stop wearing nail polish all together. Lastly, always keep your nails trimmed and filed. Wearing nail polish is a commitment and it takes time. So be mindful of who you are and who you represent at all times. Even down to your nails.

It’s the little things.